Cannananda is the joint effort between two Oregon-based, Kundalini-trained brothers to ethically grow and extract cannabis of exceptional quality and medicinal properties. Eschewing harmful farming practices prevalent in this industry, Kevin and Jim Fisher infuse every step of the process with loving commitment to the land and consumer. This results in a diversity of cannabis products for unique purposes, carefully crafted to inspire, expand, enlighten and uplift on journeys to healing and wellness. Cannananda is an Oregon licensed, recreational processor through the OLCC.

Who we are

As main extraction technician, Kevin is Cannananda’s resident engineer. What makes his work a natural fit is how much he believes in the product and creating medicine for real healing. Working in the lab heightens Kevin’s understanding of how cannabis’s different molecules change throughout the stages of extraction so he can better manage the process and end result. He is both scientist and environmental guru, creating unadulterated products responsibly with the most advanced equipment. Kevin experienced firsthand how plant medicine can integrate with other pursuits and passions, such as yoga, to support a dynamic lifestyle. Sharing this tool in a useful way is his mission. You can find him on the farm or in the lab most of the time, but if not, he is most likely playing guitar or hanging out in the forest.

Growing up on a 500-acre apple farm in upstate New York set the tone for Jim’s role in managing the farm. A descendant of a long line of farmers, Jim feels indebted to them for passing on how to responsibly work with the earth. Outside of farming, Jim is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor. Integrating both, Jim focuses on keeping the plants happy so they produce quality medicine, maintaining a spirit of care and gentleness throughout. Jim brings highly specialized knowledge to his position, ranging from ability to identify unique strain attributes and how their potency interacts with terpene production and understanding how the quality of a plant’s resin content is ideal for different extraction methods. Of particular value to consumers is Jim’s understanding of how different strains effect users based on the hybridization of indica and sativa. This lends to regulating the potency and ratio of the THC to CBD to create the desired effect for both medical and recreational users. He likes helping people, plays drums and percussion with several bands around town, and really enjoys the flavor of pine.

Farm to bowl

What sets Cannananda apart from the influx of corporate, unregulated cannabis is our fierce commitment to participating in the entire circle of production. The difference is palpable. We have healthier, more vibrant plants, products with purity, and market in a way to educate and empower the consumer.

All of this extra effort delivers something of great value to the consumer in a sea of scarce information and shady tactics: reliability.

We grow every plant ourselves, with integrity. We’ve discovered what strains grow well in our specific environment, and nurture them accordingly. In this sense, our products have a sense of place, an ethos of where they came from and how they were maintained.

What we do is more than a business—it is an art form and act of service. Whether you meet our products as a connoisseur of cannabis, an occasional user, a curious first-timer, or simply seeking solutions to physical or mental struggles, we have thought about your needs and created our products with them close at heart.

A brief history

Cannananda began over ten years ago with a $400 investment in equipment and a variety of OG Kush. Out of a need for survival and rigorous trial and error, the company has steadily grown ever since. We now grow a large variety of different strains, each with unique healing properties and ability to flourish in our Pacific Northwest climate. Our operation has expanded to include a state-of-the-art extraction lab, providing the ability to tailor and regulate our products. With changing laws and changing times, we have our sights set on responsible expansion to meet a growing demand, and bringing new ideas to fruition.

We Use Only the Best Nutrients

Industrial Contamination

Why consumers should be concerned

Currently no state labs are testing for mold and mildew, as the state has eliminated this test from being required.  In addition, the state has eliminated the requirement to test for residual solvent levels, i.e. ethanol and isobutane, when testing various types of cannabis oil.  Even though pesticide screening has become more strict, independent tests are still finding a lot of contamination.  These lax terms have allowed many in the industry to use chemicals in lieu of sustainable, healthier options. What goes on the plants ultimately goes into the body, so we’ve made a commitment to stand apart from the industry and pursue the most natural processes possible.  We are proud to say that our flower and oil has never once failed a test and we will continue to take every step necessary to maintain this moving forward.

Sustainable Farming Practices

We operate with a labor-intensive practice using only OMRI rated products for pest and mold control. Our nutrients are sourced from the highest quality organic and natural products of the Earth.