Nature is our guide

One gaze upon our sea of vibrant plants drinking up the sunlight, and you will see it’s clear we have something special at our cannabis farm. We have farmed and stewarded this corner of the Pacific Northwest for years, learning what strains thrive in this environment. Our methods and knowledge are always expanding, but the one thing we never change as a cannabis grower is our promise to grow responsibility. It’s our love letter to both you and the earth.

  • The Great Outdoors

    Many of our plants are grown outside and have proven to fully mature in our climate. Not only does this lessen the carbon footprint wrought by growing indoors, it gives the plants a distinctive sense of place and flavors that can only be achieved through integration with the soil and atmosphere.

  • Painstaking Processes

    Anyone can grow with chemicals and get fast results, but these come at a cost to the environment and consumer. Unregulated use of chemicals is an industry-wide problem, all the while the traditions of organic and biodynamic methods are disappearing. Our goal is to preserve these traditions, even if it requires painstaking work on our part.

  • Quality Treatment. Happy Plants.

    Our team of dedicated horticulturists uses locally sourced nutrients and mold and pest control that are approved for organic production. At our farm, growing cannabis is a delicate art form and the plants are amply cared for to reach their full potential.

  • Expertly Harvested

    The plants are harvested when their trichromes reach a slight amber color indicating they’ve reached the last stage of their journey. Even with OMRI certified nutrients, we flush our plants to perfection, allowing excess nutrients used up in the soil to achieve full terpene production and maximum mouthwatering taste.

  • Full Circle

    After the plants are harvested from our cannabis farm, the flowers are dried and cured using craftsmanship honed over years of practice. Then they are stored in a climate-controlled area. All of this happens on site, so we can control and commune with the whole process and offer something we believe in.