Why We Suceed

While our lab resembles our farm little in appearances, it matches it entirely in spirit. We took the same commitment to integrity practiced on the land toward our hand-crafted Cannabis, and applied it to our in-house extraction lab. Our FIYRR Supercritical CO2 extractor allows maximum control, yielding ultra-clean extractions that are better for the user. We wanted a lab worthy of our plants that increased our ability to customize our products. So we built it.

  • Clean. Pure. Natural.

    We carefully de-wax our vaporizing concentrates to remove harmful lipids, yielding clean extractions. Many other recreational extracts on the market are made using butane and propane, leaving behind higher levels of wax that can damage the respiratory system.

  • Rigorously Tested

    Our employees personally test and approve each small batch before it is available to consumers, plus we share detailed information to match each person with the best strain and product for the intended purpose.

  • Local Pride

    Not only are our plants Oregon-grown, the equipment used in our lab was manufactured in-state, which allows us to product entirely Oregon-grown extracts. While nearly every source material is grown in-house, anything that we don’t grow is purchased from a small group of local farmers who use only sustainable horticulture methods. We believe in supporting local because what goes around comes around.

  • Modern Technology

    Our state-of-the-art lab has been built with cutting edge extraction technology to match our high standards as an extracts processor.

  • A Bigger Picture

    Blending cannabis with essential oils? Handcrafted chocolates emphasizing the physical benefits of the plant? A 100% solar run facility? These are just a few of the ways we’re enhancing the industry with new ideas and experiences to uncover the myriad possibilities of this plant and growing it ethically.

Test Results

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